Wednesday, 10 April 2013

my self

i am manikandan from chitthode ,i am not an popular person ,simply men , my main hobby   is tour  ,i have writing about the  specialty   of Tamil Nadu. tourist places ,and explained about there living peoples
all habits and food habits i have presented some documentary film also

bhavani sangameswarar temple

bhavani sangameswarar temple ,oldest and famous temple ,in near by erode,the main god is lord Siva and lord venkadajalapathy is also being  in this temple ,
sangameswarar temple situated in bhavani river ,three rivers are mixing into  bhavani river
 one is cauveri river and another one is,amutha nathi,then ganga river
    people s are given the thithi to our ancienter s, in this river .

kodiveri dam

kodiveri dam , water source getting from bhavani sagar dam,this dam is situated near by gobichetty palayam
this is not a biggest  dam but ,it is being in very nature surrounding atmosphere ,local peoples and near by village peoples are spending there holidays in  this aria  , here specialty is fish fry ,we can get very freshly
fishes directly cook in front of we 

kodivery dam picnic spot in erode distc

varattu pallam dam documentary

varattu pallam dam
this is famous picnic spot ,in Tamilnadu its situated in anthiyur near bargur forest ,this dam is situated near by thick forest ,so wild living animals  elephant,tiger ,deers and different kind of animals come for drink the water ,
varrattu pallam one of the coolest place in south India ,
   near by villages, only depending these dam for  agriculture  purpose    ,here fishery works are going very well , fishes are sold directly in  this dam,
many Tamil and south Indian language film s are shoot in this place ,